Late Stage Recovery Collections




Account managers at ARC are well trained and versed in handling late state recovery as a second or even third, round effort. With our multi-layered locate and contact research, plus your invoice reports, we can easily validate each account and begin securing resolution.

You have not exhausted all efforts of resolving an account until you allow us to give it our full attention. Based on the statute of limitations for your state, we would love to follow through one more round before you consider writing it off. Contact us right away for a billing history review!

Legal Services


ARC Collects Debt Collection Made Easy

In addition to standard collection agency services, ARC retains an in-house attorney and a national network of attorneys in multiple jurisdictions for both consumer and commercial accounts. Should legal action become necessary, we can provide you with on-site expertise and the ability to act immediately in the states we are licensed in cooperation with and under our direction; most other agencies cannot make this claim. We take tremendous pride in our attorneys meeting the highest ideals of the legal profession, which means treating all sides with courtesy and respect.


Faster recovery

Our local and network of attorneys can file suit as needed and make a connection, enabling you to recover more debt much faster than client-directed efforts, and with far less hassle.

National network at your fingertips

With highly effective measures of reducing risk and quickly recovering assets, our legal team delivers a direct impact to our client’s bottom line.

End-to-End management

Whether we have handled your accounts from early billing or you just need legal action, we seamlessly manage all the details for you and keep you abreast of the progress towards resolution.

AR Complete Solutions


Debt Collection Made Easy
Improved Financial Results

We can help to unburden businesses from agency costs and offer predictable bad debt recovery. Please contact us if your organization is interested in a free portfolio evaluation.

Complete your revenue cycle

We purchase aged healthcare receivables and loan balances at any point in your revenue cycle. Our program provides funding on aged receivables for an immediate cash lift.

ARC is licensed nationwide, save Massachusetts.